Strictly Come Icing was one of the first sessions I got to help out as a volunteer, it was a really good experience! I worked with a mixed age of volunteers who were an amazing team. I got involved in planning the session and on the day I worked with another volunteer (Nusrat) with a smaller group. They were a great group from all different schools and ages.

 The session was based on icing cakes. The group came up with some great ideas like using icing and sprinkles to decorate cupcakes which represented themselves. I got to talk to some of them while they were doing this, having good conversation with them individually. I was able to share my thoughts about this too.

 At the end of the session we had a competition to make a cake based on a theme decided by the group. My group came up with the theme Pacman and we decided to use the cupcakes that represented something about us as the food for Pacman.

Alhamdulillah the session went all well and I was already looking forward to the next session!”

Written by Humayra Shaikh - Student Volunteer