Precious Pearls launched with its first session entitled “Stand by Me”, in which we explored the different relationships adolescents form as they are growing up. Girls aged 11+ took part in a range of activities which were fun and educational.

The afternoon kick-started with an ice-breaker, People Bingo, an activity allowing the girls to find out more about each other and make new friends.

This was followed by drama, girls acted out scenarios based on selected Hadith regarding manner and behaviour. Working in small groups, the girls confidently presented these teachings through examples of real-life situations. In turn they were able to reflect on the application of these to their own lives and how they should be used to help form good relationships with the people around them.

Lastly, after a break for food all the attendees took part in a Hijab styling competition. The task was extremely enjoyable but also served the purpose of encouraging effective team work. Overall it was a fun way to end the evening.