Precious Pearls was a tremendously successful community project set-up by EYA to cater to the needs of young, Muslim girls growing up in western society.

 By creating a youth group where girls were able to get together and discuss key issues relevant to them, Precious Pearls was able to inspire, guide and motivate these individuals in developing their identities as righteous  Muslim women. Our aim was to pave the way for our youth to gain the love and respect of all those around them by instilling confidence within these young women in order to achieve greatness through teachings and actions within Islam. The huge variety of sessions ranging from ‘Death – The Final Destination’ to ‘Strictly Come Icing’ and ‘Too blessed to be stressed’ to ‘Hapiily Ever Hereafter’, plus many more, our project proved to be a fantastic triumph in addressing the crucial issues surrounding our young Muslim women today.