The influence of media is often discussed and even the youth are aware of the negative impact it can have on ones behaviour and attitude. This session provided an opportunity to really explore and dissect a range of issues related to pop culture, focussing on music and the vocal/lyrical content of songs.
The starter activity was a fun, quick thinking, decision making task which got everyone, including the volunteers involved. This was a ‘brain warm up’ exercise to get the girls thinking. We began by discussing why people choose to listen to music with it leading on to suggestions for more effective alternatives. During the discussion, we covered a whole range of areas including the idolisation of artists, how the music industry sugar-coats very harmful messages in songs and also the importance of having good role models.
The girls then worked in groups to analyse the lyrics of songs. They had to highlight the themes contained in the lyrics and identify any messages which go against the teachings of Islam. The findings were presented to everyone and the Q&A aimed to probe the girls to think about the potential consequences of listening to such music.
The session aimed to raise awareness of the effects of the media which harm an individual spiritually and emotionally and how to prevent/overcome such problems.