Med Success 2016 Feedback

What, if anything, did you find particularly helpful about the course?

- “Speaking to medical students about their personal experiences with applications.”

– “medical career not romanticised, full reality exposed”

– “necessary info was delivered in realistic, no-nonsense format”

– “the one to one help with personal statement”

– “the interview lecture was extremely insightful and has prepared me well”

– “staff were extremely supportive and willing to answer all of my questions”

“ well worth the money!”

– “how to walk into a room, giving the best impression”

– “MMIs very useful as it is hard to practice this at home”

– “I liked the fact that we received one to one help”

– “What a typical day for a doctor is”

Do you feel Med-Success has increased your chances of getting a place at University? If so, how?

- “I feel my preparation is more guided and meeting like minded people has provided a boost of information”

– “I now have greater awareness of the interview process”

“ It has made me feel more confident in applying”

– “Yes, showed me the real deal!”

– “Yes, otherwise I would have made some of the mistakes that were pointed out today”

– “Yes as I gained a lot more information than I would have just researching online or talking to others”

– “Yes I have formed a strategy to not be so nervous”

– “Yes because there were aspects of the application process that I hadn’t even thought about yet”

“ I understand how to write a successful personal statement”

-“Yes I feel at an advantage”

Would you recommend Med-Success to other prospective medical students?


“Yes its amazing! I will be coming next year also!”

“Definitely. Thank you for organising this event, and all the volunteers who helped throughout the day”

“Indeed, I would highly recommend”

“Yes it is incredibly informative”

“Really enjoyable and useful day”

“Yes it teaches you how to stand out!”


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