Just recently, with it being the month of Dhul Hijjah, Precious Pearls delivered a fun interactive and more laid back session on understanding The Hajj and Eid-Al-Adha. Volunteers showcased an interactive, educational and at times hilarious performance, following a young Muslim girl on her personal journey to perform Hajj.

The session involved fun group activities relevant to the topics surrounding the Hajj, such as ‘Pin the tail on the Bakri’, ‘Pelt the shaytan’ and ‘Wrap the Haji’. The amount of enthusiasm displayed by the volunteers and the girls was immense and everyone had a good laugh throughout. The afternoon included a mini Eid party, lots of yummy food and a goodie bag for all to take home. The session ended with a discussion circle, where each and every girl, including the volunteers, mentioned what personal message they were taking home from the days events.

For me, this particular session was more of a personal reminder. At times it is easier to become intolerant, angry towards others and in when placed in difficult situations but I forget that I too am human, and Allah swt is always tolerant and forgiving towards my behaviour, so I should also be tolerant of people around me.

Empower hopes to show young people that if you are able to dream big, define your own success, stay motivated and work hard… there will be no limit to what you may achieve in life!

Written by Aatika Mulla