Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls launched with its first session entitled “Stand by Me”, in which we explored the different relationships adolescents form as they are growing up. Girls aged 11+ took part in a range of activities which were fun and educational. The aft... read more

During this session entitled Happily Ever Hereafter, the girls were invited to take part in an afternoon of activities exploring the concept of relationships. As always the day was full of fun activities including drama, story telling, quizzes and games.... read more

The influence of media is often discussed and even the youth are aware of the negative impact it can have on ones behaviour and attitude. This session provided an opportunity to really explore and dissect a range of issues related to pop culture, focuss... read more

“Allah made me this way” was held on Saturday 29th October from 2-5pm at MKA Community Centre. There were a range of fun and educational confidence building activities and group discussions, as well as free food!

Just recently, with it being the month of Dhul Hijjah, Precious Pearls delivered a fun interactive and more laid back session on understanding The Hajj and Eid-Al-Adha. Volunteers showcased an interactive, educational and at times hilarious performance, f... read more

Strictly Come Icing was one of the first sessions I got to help out as a volunteer, it was a really good experience! I worked with a mixed age of volunteers who were an amazing team. I got involved in planning the session and on the day I worked with an... read more

The session started with some brainstorming and discussion about the causes of stress…the pressures teenagers face inluding things like the need to look a certain way, domestic duties, exams etc. To expand on this everyone took part in a role play a... read more

Death. Upon reading the word, our minds instantly start buzzing with words and images which we associate with this inevitable cessation. Emotions start to flare and we are reminded of many loved ones who have passed on. Although intellectually we all know... read more