Projects at Empower Youth Academy

“Every religion has an innate character. The character of Islam is modesty” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) With summer slowly fading and the dark winter months looming, it seems as though September blues are kicking in…but here at Precious ... read more

Aims of the Relationships Project To prepare young people to lead public and personal lives in a manner consistent with their Islamic moral principles and values. To provide factual information objectively and educate young people to look forward to adult... read more

What if a young child is choking? How do you assess the unconscious patient? When do you deliver chest compressions and how? When should you call for help? Empower Youth Academy proudly brings you a professional Emergency First Aid course covering basic l... read more

Empower Youth Academy are organising a work experience programme for our Key stage four students. Students nominate an area of their interest in which they would like further experience and we strive to provide them with a beneficial programme. The purpos... read more

NOTE: THIS EVENT HAS ENDED Venue: Leicester Exhibition Centre Date: Sunday, October 17 2010 Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm Come and help us celebrate the achievements of Empower and our students with great food, exquisite shopping, and marvellousentertain... read more